Product Managers Are Not Mini-CEOs

From Balanced Product Management:

“But,” you say, “product is supposed to be the mini-CEO and the vision, right? How can you be the vision if you’re not deciding all the things?”

Here’s the secret— […] a good product person works for everyone. Users and buyers of our software (of course), engineers, support, client services, designers, salespeople, QA, executives, marketing—they’re are all my boss. What they need comes way before what I want.

The trick is in the balance. […]

I agree. All the various product-y articles hype product management into a glorious, leadership, Steve Jobs-like visionary role. It is quite the opposite. The best product managers have their sleeves rolled up, frameworks and processes they can set up, and empathy. If you just want to be the "vision guy", go smoke something.