On Making The Web Broadly Accessible

From Webstock: The Map & The Territory:

Our map of the Web is made through a vision of the Western world. We think mobile devices are always on, always connected, and uniquely yours. But this isn’t true around the World. A large portion of the world is coming online now, on less capable devices and networks than we are used to. Are we ready for this new reality?

These are notes from a talk on the changing definition of the web, and creating more accessible online experiences for the part of the world that is just coming online. They aren’t “always on” or have “personal devices”.  They have significant bandwidth and screen constraints, and websites today are heavy: the Apple Macbook Pro page is 33.4MB and not responsive.

Also an an interesting analogy to maps, and how maps help us perceive the world around us, and put it in perspective. And the map we’ve made for the web is no longer accurate.