Explaining Abstraction To A Non-Programmer

How do you explain the "abstraction" paradigm in programming to a non-programmer? I like to try out different kinds of coffee, so I buy my coffee not from the grocer's, but from different local coffee shops that sell their own beans. I buy only … [Read more]


Everyone loves talking about the Multipliers. Especially in startup-land. Because that's the only way to start off with something small and end up with something big. So here's a quick reminder about multiplying: It consists of lots of small … [Read more]

Hiring Is Growth Hacking

Hiring is Growth Hacking applied to organizations. What does that mean? It is expensive to pay a staffing consulting $10k - $20k per hire, so creative, guerrilla tactics have to be adopted. Using your network to reach out to your audience, … [Read more]

4 Things Missing In My Daily Reading

Here's what my daily reading habit looks like: scroll through Facebook and Twitter feeds, the various Flipboard sections, first page of Hacker News, skim through the headlines/snippets, and save to Pocket anything that I might want to read fully. And … [Read more]

Digging Out Inefficiencies In A Marketplace

Lately, I've been giving some thought about which marketplaces have untapped opportunities. And one of the first things to look at is inefficiencies in the marketplace. Here's a quick checklist I've been running through: Information flow: … [Read more]

Madness Is Key

By about forty-five thousand years ago, modern humans had already reached Australia, a journey that, even mid-ice age, meant crossing open water. Archaic humans like Homo Erectus "spread like many other mammals in the Old World", Pääbo told me. "They … [Read more]