What Are You Fighting For

British Finance Minister: We have to cut our budgets for the arts to aid our war efforts Winston Churchill: Then what are we fighting for? That quote is fake. Churchill did say "Ill fares the race which fails to salute the arts with the reverence … [Read more]

Do You Know What You Are Paying For When You Create A Twitter Ad

When you create an ad on Twitter - and I'm talking only about Promoted Tweets - you pay for an "Engagement". This can mean a number of widely different things, as defined by Twitter. Twitter will charge you for retweets, follows, any Twitter … [Read more]


The prophets of tomorrow live amongst us today. Through the vagaries of life, same as the rest of us, dealing with similar shit. Or worse. Peeling away the layers and discovering their truths. Writing their sermons in blogs and e-books. Have … [Read more]

Estimating Apple’s App Store Revenue

[x-posted from here] Apple is going to generate at least $9.3B in revenue from the App Store in 2013. That figure can be as high as $11.4B. Apple regularly releases numbers of the amount it has paid out to developers on its App Store. The … [Read more]

The Crash Of Gaming

"Everyone is making a mobile game." "VCs are not funding game companies any more." "It is a hits driven business." One would think that the games industry is about to collapse. Yet, there are no signs of any impending doom. Mobile app revenue is … [Read more]

Creating An In-App Monetization Plan

I gave a talk at Hacker Dojo last week about monetizing mobile apps through in-app purchases. IAP is a great model to generate revenue, but few app developers use it effectively. For example, one of my pet peeves is about why almost all in-app … [Read more]

Don’t Dismiss Porous Paywalls Yet

This is a commentary on today's Pando Daily article about how Porous Paywalls don't work which is mostly about the experiences of  NSFWCorp. A Porous Paywall is a type of freemium where newspapers (for example) let readers read a limited amount … [Read more]

Graph Peeves

Something that annoys me no end is people visualizing data in a misleading way (sometimes deliberately, but I'll give them the benefit of doubt a few times). So I'm putting together this post with examples of (mostly) graphs and other visualizations … [Read more]

Andrew Sullivan And Monetizing Digital Content

People willingly pay for entertainment but not for information. Perhaps a sign of our age? While we willingly pay $15/month to Netflix for movies and TV that we barely get the time to watch, we don't want to pay $5/month to The Wall Street Journal … [Read more]

Programming A Computer Is The New Driving A Car

So many companies and initiatives are cropping up that teach you how to code, without needing you to go through an entire computer science course. The most notable one being code.org because they've got the who's who of the tech world involved - Marc … [Read more]