Selling Is Never About Convincing

From Mark Cuban on his blog "The 6 Things You Need to Know to be Great in Business": 1. Know how to sell. Selling means being able to convey why your product or service, which may be you if you are looking for a job, will make things better. … [Read more]

Leaderboards In Games And Classrooms

Leaderboards are found in all games -- they are expected to drive competition, inspire participants to strive harder to win, and play more. As such, most social & mobile games use them as do some other savvy apps (Foursquare, … [Read more]

Personalized UI: Shape Shifting

Whenever we think of Personalization the first thing that comes to mind is Amazon displaying products we are likely to be interested in. The next thing that come to mind is like advertising on the internet. A little more pondering, and Google's … [Read more]

Kill All Daemon Processes

Paul Buchheit is one of my favourite essayists. I only wish he would write more often. Here's an excerpt from his latest "The Technology", which you must, must, must read: Which brings me to the second pattern: Kill all daemon processes. For … [Read more]

The App As A Platform

We have barely scratched the surface of the power of mobile apps that we carry around in our pockets all day. Yo will be one of the first few apps to go deeper. We forget that apps don't have work in interaction cycles of Start App --> … [Read more]

Build Your Business The Way You Want To

From Hunter Walk's "You’re Either Venture-Backed or a Lifestyle Business: The Big Lie": Venture capital isn’t the only way to fund your business and for many at the earliest stages of their startup, it’s one of the worst choices. ..... The … [Read more]

On Trusting Your Gut

From "8 Rare Gems from Heidi Roizen on Building a Fulfilling Life and Career" (I highly recommend the full article): 3. Your gut has more information than you do. Increasingly, tech culture is about the opposite — making decisions driven by … [Read more]

I Don’t Blog Enough

The primary reason why I don't blog enough is that I wait for thoughts that can make a deep enough post, and for the time to flesh out the thought and make the post worth your while. Most of the time, I tweet out a thought, forced to around 120 … [Read more]

The Biggest Problem With Mobile Today

(Let me apologize in advance for this post being Apple/iOS focussed, but I believe Google Play suffers from similar issues too, although to a lesser degree) Facebook released its new app today: Paper. It is iPhone-only for now  - clearly iPhone is … [Read more]

You Have To Finish Things

Before you finish things, you have to start them. For me it's always been a process of trying to convince myself that what I'm doing in a first draft isn't important. .... One way you get through the wall is by convincing yourself it doesn't matter. … [Read more]