Virtual Reality and Bending Spoons

I've been thinking whether Virtual Reality could be really impactful, outside of the obvious media and entertainment scenarios, and what parallels to draw from. Remembered this brilliant TED talk from 2007: Go to the 09:13 timestamp and start … [Read more]

On Making The Web Broadly Accessible

From Webstock: The Map & The Territory: Our map of the Web is made through a vision of the Western world. We think mobile devices are always on, always connected, and uniquely yours. But this isn't true around the World. A large portion of the … [Read more]

On Cognitive Laziness

From More On Why Smart People Are Not Always Rational: We are sometimes irrational because we are stupid (unintelligent) and we are sometimes irrational because we are ignorant (lack knowledge), but we are often irrational because we are lazy (lack … [Read more]

How To Be Right Often

From Some advice from Jeff Bezos: During one of his answers, he shared an enlightened observation about people who are “right a lot”. He said people who were right a lot of the time were people who often changed their minds. He doesn’t think … [Read more]

Apple Should Make Android Apps & SDKs

The concept is not as unthinkable as it sounds. Read on! Who is the main competitor for Google's Android OS? If Apple's iOS came to mind, it would be wrong. Android's main competitor is Android. Android has two main "flavors": There is Google's … [Read more]

The Difference Between Android AOSP and OHA

There are two "flavors" of the Android OS: (1) OHA -- Open Handset Alliance -- which needs to be licensed from Google and used within their T&Cs, and (2) AOSP, which is the open source version of Android that anyone can fork, modify and use as … [Read more]

Focus On Any Metric In Isolation Is Incorrect

From Growth Hacking Is Bullshit: For near-term growth-orientated product teams (often called “growth teams”) and marketing teams, focussing on the immediately measurable should not translate to focussing on the trivial. The size of the changes … [Read more]

Product Managers Are Not Mini-CEOs

From Balanced Product Management: “But,” you say, “product is supposed to be the mini-CEO and the vision, right? How can you be the vision if you’re not deciding all the things?” Here’s the secret— [...] a good product person works for everyone. … [Read more]

Selling Is Never About Convincing

From Mark Cuban on his blog "The 6 Things You Need to Know to be Great in Business": 1. Know how to sell. Selling means being able to convey why your product or service, which may be you if you are looking for a job, will make things better. … [Read more]

Leaderboards In Games And Classrooms

Leaderboards are found in all games -- they are expected to drive competition, inspire participants to strive harder to win, and play more. As such, most social & mobile games use them as do some other savvy apps (Foursquare, … [Read more]